What is wrong with modern physics? – From a whiny, little b**ch.

I will rant a bit about my personal frustrations and hopes for the future of modern physics. Now, sure I ain’t shit, but to be honest neither are most future physicists. As of right now, we are only prospect physicists, many of us will work on the tech industry, many in the financial market, and many will give up to insanity and start talking nonsense like “quantum mysticism”.

But if we want to start, if you are talking about concepts in modern physics, well, is the fact that it is incomplete. Why that is? Well, for many reasons. For one, right now, we are trying to understand physics at the most extreme environments in the universe, many of which we will probably never be able to reach. Before an hypothesis has been well established you already have a new, better hypothesis (which is great, so that is actually what is right with modern physics).But the main problem is the fact that our technology can’t keep up. Many of the theories in Modern Physics can only be confirmed if they are verified experimentally. Before when Physics was mostly done by people who had their own wealth, experimentalists would take a year or two to dismiss or prove some hypothesis, but nowadays, while it is easier to become a physicist than ever before, it is also harder to do physics, so hard that only budgets of countries could afford to do so.

And then we reach another problem, countries may not be that interested in investing in physical research, because while research in chemistry and biology have a clear practical use, usually it takes 60 to 70 years for one to find any sort of use from physical principles. I mean, many of the technologies we take for granted today are based on physics from 60 years ago, to say the least. And lawmakers aren’t interested in investing in things at such long scales (F*ck why do you think many of them don’t believe in Climate Change?). I mean, in the 30’s and 40’s they at least had the motivation of nukes.

But still we are doing some advancements every year, and I understand your feelings, if you compare to last century and how fast physics seemed to advance, in a couple of decades, entire paradigm shifts occurring, it was a joy to be alive back then. But it is not all that bad today. As I said, we have more people working on physics now than ever before, even though many people are dropping out. So while we may not have a generation of physics wonders, we do have an entire army of physicists working not only in fundamental research, but also on applied physics, so we can directly improve your life, and so those lawmakers can see that “Hey, maybe we should invest a bit more on this, and less on our behemoth of an army”.

I let my anti-war sentiments slip there a bit, but I hope I answered your question.

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