Short Dives in a Wide Ocean

Maybe we should have a celebration every time I post something here, because my schedule is horrible. Or rather, it’s not so much a matter of bad schedule as it is a matter of bad schedule management. I’ve been getting better at it, and hopefully now that I have a regular day-to-day life I can maybe possibly do a little of a short deep dive.

In case you were wondering where I was after the last post, well, I am currently starting a PhD. Soon (or, hopefully, in the next 4 years) I will be a full-fledged scientist.

And while this may seem like a return, sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not yet the case. This post is mainly meant to address some of the things I plan on doing for the next months:

  • First, now that is long overdue, I will finally give the follow-ups I promised on some of the previous posts (Give me back my Lagrangian! Part One, Physics and Life – Buzzing your mind and I think also Are hotdogs sandwiches or tacos, and do they form a group?)
  • I was also thinking on maybe doing something a bit more light on text writing, maybe some short snippets, similar to this post but probably longer I guess. As I will be following more news from the scientific community, I will try to give my two (ill-informed) cents on it. Usually, I will put (Opinion) in the title to make sure those are not seen as news.
  • Last year before starting my PhD program, I spent an embarrassingly long time doing some weird side projects, many that were never finished. But I think it would be cool to maybe share a bit of that process here, so that you can have an hands-on experience on it. I promise I will make it fun.
  • And I hope to make a better sync between this site and other social media I happen to be on. I did make this mainly as a personal project and I am concerned that my ego is so large that somehow I think my words are going to help someone in the wealth of content that fills the “inter-webs”, but let this small hypocrisy of mine be our little secret.

Now that I have addressed my absence (by completely avoiding addressing it), I will see you in the next post, whenever it comes out.

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